It was awesome to catch up with Sara Naab recently. Sara is the Cofounder, Marketing and Quality Director at Sandstone Diagnostics, the creators of Trak. Sara and her Team have turned into one of the go-to resources for information on male fertility and trying to conceive with male fertility obstacles with their site, Don’t Cook Your Balls. They are working to release Trak, an innovative male fertility health kit that makes screening and enhancing sperm simple within the privacy of your own home. We love their mission to changing the way people approach their health)! Continue reading some highlights from the interview with Sara and be sure to look at their site!

What is Trak?

Trak is the definitive data-driven tool to measure, monitor, and improve men’s reproductive health from the comfort and privacy of home. Trak consists of a simple instrument, disposable test kits, mobile app, and education that empowers men to take control of their reproductive health and improve a couple’s chances of conception.”

What is Causing the Decline in Sperm Counts?

“Globally, sperm counts have been declining for several decades. No one knows exactly why…Personally, I think guys are cooking their balls. There are a lot of ways to overheat testicles – fat, biking, laptops, cell phones, long periods of sitting, getting sick. Men trying to conceive should be mindful of how hot it gets down there.”

What are Natural Ways to Help Improve Male Fertility and Sperm Count?

  • Avoid heat – hot tubs, seat warmers, long periods of sitting, long showers, biking, dog or laptop on the lap, etc.
  • Eat well. Vitamins & Antioxidants are hugely helpful for sperm. A good rule of thumb is to think about sperm cells like an embryo. Things that are good for pregnant women to eat are good for men trying to conceive.
  • Maintain healthy stress level. Stress hormones can mess with testosterone and sperm production. Find ways to live in the present and appreciate the small things in life.
  • No smoking or drinking. Cigarettes are one of the worst things for sperm (so is Mary jane btw). Alcohol really messes with testosterone / estrogen balance and in high amounts is toxic to sperm cells. Don’t want your swimmers under the influence.