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“How sleep can affect ovulation”

A recent study out of Northwestern University* studied the effects of disruption to the circadian rhythm of mice and how this affects their fertility.

The female mice were mated with the males, then their circadian clock was disrupted. Some of the female group was given extra hours of daylight, while others had hours taken away. The […]

Male Fertility

A report from France that tracked the sperm count of French men from 1989 through 2005 discovered what we have all suspected – decreasing sperm counts, leading to increasing male infertility issues. The startling piece of this is it may depict the falling sperm count for an entire country.

Throughout the years infertility “blame” was placed […]

Detecting Your Ovulation

Menstrual Calendar:
Becoming aware of your menstrual cycle is the first step in using the calendar method. The average woman has a menstrual cycle between 28 to 32 days. Day 1 actually being the first day of your period. Approximately around days 7 to 21; ovulation occurs. Around day 28, the hormone levels in a woman’s […]